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We are a legitimate company that has full time employees dedicated to providing high quality and real traffic.

We run our business 24/7/365 unlike others who do it part time or as a hobby. We have a customer service and support department and if you have any other questions, we will respond within 12-24 hours.

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We are always eager to here from our customers! We are here ready to help 24/7 and will do our best to support you. 

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What makes us different?

We know you have choices when it comes to content marketing firms.

There are several distinct differences between us and the other guys:

  • Quality. Good branding and conversion rates start with high-quality content. We wouldn’t be able to get exposure for our clients on publisher websites such as Mashable, VentureBeat, Huffington Post, Business Insider, National Geographic, and thousands more without being able to deliver top-notch quality content.
  • Timeliness. We proactively report weekly to our clients with status updates, and record all progress real-time in a shared document. We work tirelessly to keep your campaign moving forward at a healthy pace.
  • Control. We allow our clients to choose the publishers on which their content will appear, and then approve that content before we pitch it to the publications.
  • Transparency. We communicate everything to our clients, share real-time progress reports, and proactively report to our clients with weekly status updates.
  • Risk-free. We guarantee our services or your money back. If we fail to acquire any of our agreed-upon deliverables, you may opt to swap for another service or publisher of equal value, or get a refund. We don’t charge for hours spent trying to get links; we charge only for what we actually deliver.

Who uses our services?

Expert Team

RealTrafficSeller is run by industry experts who have been involved in advanced content marketing and link building strategies since the early days of the internet.

As a result, the company’s experience and networks within the industry allow us to provide the highest quality service to customers large and small.

We work with entrepreneurs, startups, and large businesses. We also work with marketing agencies who need our help with link building for their own clients. Here’s who our typical client is:

  • Marketing managers who want media coverage for their brand
  • SEO departments who want help with SEO link building
  • Marketing managers who want help developing and executing a content marketing strategy
  • Marketing agencies looking for a white-label SEO link building solution for their clients
  • Businesses who want someone else to manage their social media marketing campaign for them
We strongly believe that making complex things simple is our daily mission.
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